What is Green Cleaning?

May 28th, 2019

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Green Cleaning is the practice of using environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods as opposed to using chemicals that could potentially be toxic or otherwise harmful to the environment. ACCSES Clean is at the forefront of commercial cleaning service providers that are working towards creating more sustainable and healthier cleaning practices. We work to innovate in Green Cleaning and use different products and practices that lessen the negative environmental impact of commercial cleaning.


Sustainable and Safer Products

Green Cleaning requires the use of highly-regulated, researched, and audited cleaning solutions. Nearly all of the products ACCSES Clean uses has been recognized as a “Safer Choice” by the EPA. In order to be categorized as a Safer Choice product, it must be regulated and pass the EPA’s criteria. This means the green cleaning product performs comparably to other commercial choices, has a satisfactory pH, and fulfills packaging requirements to limit waste.


Green Maintenance Plan

ACCSES Clean also recommends an alternate maintenance plan to encourage Green Cleaning. When we provide you a quote, we will also recommend slightly different services in order to limit the occurrences of things like stripping and waxing. When done, stripping and waxing causes possibly harmful chemicals to be washed into the drain. ACCSES Clean’s Green Maintenance Plan limits the amount of times environmentally harmful procedures like stripping and waxing are done.


ACCSES NJ’s commitment to Green Cleaning has placed us in the forefront of trends in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. We only choose products that are classified as a “Safer Choice” by the EPA and spend time creating a maintenance plan for your facility that promotes Green Cleaning practices. If you would like to learn more about ACCSES Clean’s green initiatives, visit our Green Cleaning page.



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