How ACCSES Clean’s Janitorial Equipment Investments Benefit You

May 15th, 2019

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Choosing a janitorial service provider with a commitment to high-quality equipment is important in establishing a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship. While it might not be the most obvious thing to explore, a company that invests in themselves is better positioned to make your facilities spotless.


Less Time Spent Cleaning

Because ACCSES Clean uses more efficient equipment, we will be in and out of your building faster than other providers. We understand the value in efficiency for us and for you. This means less distractions for you and your customers! By spending less time worrying about janitorial services you have more time to focus on your customers.


Improving Customer Satisfaction

With our commitment to equipment and technology, ACCSES Clean provides a higher quality of service than the competition. By having a spotless building, you can ensure your customer’s first impression will be memorable. Providing a clean and well maintained space, is important to the customer experience and will result in them coming back more and more.


Lower Cost Janitorial Services

By using high-quality janitorial equipment, ACCSES Clean can provide better quality service at a lower price. According to Cleaning & Maintenance Management, labor costs can account for anywhere from 55-85 percent of cleaning costs. By investing in cost-saving equipment, ACCSES Clean ensures that labor costs will be kept in check by managing the same space in less time.


By choosing ACCSES Clean, you can choose a service provider that focuses on creating lower-cost service through a commitment to investing in high-quality equipment and technology. Excited about what ACCSES Clean can do for you and your business? Click here to contact a member of our team today and see what ACCSES Clean can do for you!


For more information about the benefits of investing in janitorial equipment, please refer to the resource below:


Calculating Return on Investment for Equipment Purchases

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